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Compliances and capabilities.

bluedot is thoroughly tested by third-party, EPA-certified, ISO-accredited laboratories in the USA to meet and exceed NSF/ANSI Standards 42, 52, 53, 14, 60, 61 55, 58, 18, 316, 304, and 302, 401, and P473. View bluedot's performance data and compliances here.

Other certifications and compliances include 19 FDA compliances, FDA compliance for food and beverage contact, and California State lead-free product compliance.


Made in the USA.

bluedot's filter, valve, and fittings are made entirely in the USA and hand-assembled in California.

The carbon we use is triple lab-tested for quality and purity before it gets poured and packed into bluedot's medical-grade non-leaching housing. We don't use any fillers, silver nitrate, or metal resins. We use only 100% pure, high-grade (iodine rating of 1200+), triple-tested activated carbon.

Everything that touches your water is 100% made in the USA, certified lead-free (California State compliance), BPA-free, and phthalate-free.


Design and colors.

bluedot's colorful cover was designed in Newport Beach, California and is made from 100% recycled post-consumer plastic bottles in Shenzhen, China (one of the world's largest handlers of used and recycled plastics).

The factory that makes our recycled covers is an extension of our designers in California, with fair labor practices and high standards.

bluedot's cover is more than just cute - it keeps all of bluedot's internal parts secure. (Note: bluedot's colorful cover does not come into contact with your water – it's strictly external.)


Easy 1-minute install.

bluedot is perfect for renters, people who aren't handy, and everyone in between. bluedot's easy 4-step install takes 1 minute and doesn't require any tools.

(In the time it takes you to microwave a burrito, you can hook-up a bluedot and have amazing water anytime you want.)