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bluedot x bkr kit

bluedot x bkr kit
bluedot x bkr kit
bluedot x bkr kit
bluedot x bkr kit
500 ml bkr in Navy
bluedot x bkr kit
bluedot x bkr kit
bluedot x bkr kit
bluedot x bkr kit
bluedot x bkr kit
bluedot x bkr kit
bluedot x bkr kit

bluedot x bkr kit




Rejoice! Never buy single-use plastic water bottles ever again. The first sustainable kit for water that's cleaner and tastier than bottled.


Every bluedot x bkr kit replaces the equivalent of 70,000 single-use plastic water bottles.


What's in your kit:

  • All kits come with a matching bluedot filter and bkr bottle (choose your color)
  • bluedot complete water filter (comes 100% assembled!)
  • bkr 500 mL bottle


Restocked! FREE SHIPPING to the Contiguous USA.

All about bluedot:

  • Made in the USA with the highest grade, 100% pure triple-lab-tested carbon filtration (learn more)
  • Removes 80+ contaminants including chlorine, chloramine, lead, pesticides, pharmaceuticals, PFAS, and more (see bluedot's performance data sheet here)
  • Filter replacements are easy – change the filter inside only once or twice per year - that's the only maintenance bluedot will ever need
  • Comes 100% assembled and ready to hook up to any faucet in 1 minute without any tools required (see the quick install here)
  • Fits practically anywhere – bluedot's height is 16.25 inches (42 cm) and the diameter of its base is 4.125 inches (10.5 cm) and will fit under almost any sink
  • Clean, tasty water 24/7 – no waiting, no filling pitchers, no cleaning – just clean water anytime you want (see the comparison chart!)
  • ...scroll down for FAQs and tech info!


Technical stuff:

  • Size: bluedot's height is 16.25 inches (42 cm) and the diameter of its base is 4.125 inches (10.5 cm)
  • Compatibility/fitting size: bluedot is compatible with any faucet and uses a 3/8" fitting, the most common size for faucet lines. In rare cases, a simple adapter might be needed from your local hardware store and we'll help you get the right one.
  • Pressure: the most common water pressure in the USA is between 40 and 60 psi, and bluedot is made to operate on 35 to 75 psi. bluedot won't change your water pressure. 
  • Flow rate: most bathroom faucets have a 0.5 gallon per minute flow rate, and kitchen faucets are allowed to go up to 2.2 gallons per minute. bluedot's flow rate is up to 2.2 gallons per minute.


bluedot is the most convenient, renter-friendly water filter ever.

Every purchase gives back.
bluedot - Recycling Program



Step-by-Step Install


View/Download bluedot's Install Guide (PDF)




Clean Water for Every Body

Hey! It's Stephanie, bluedot's founder. I originally made bluedot for my husband Max, who was battling cancer, for the second time, in 2017 (he won!). One of his oncologists had suggested water filtration to help him stay healthy during chemo, but we were renting an apartment and couldn't install a decent water filter without damaging the plumbing or countertop. 

Max during his cancer battle in 2017. He won!Pitchers were an option too, but they weren't physically capable of removing much due to the tiny size of the filter elements, and they required filter changes at least once a month.

So I started researching and realized that the problem with our tap water went a lot deeper than I imagined. Old city water delivery systems were/are breaking down all over the place, and even our new building in NYC had brown water coming out of the faucets. The filters on the market all needed a seemingly-complicated installation, frequent filter changes, or were ineffective filter pitchers that also needed constant refilling.

Single-use bottled water, I came to find out, is not the solution because it is more often than not contaminated with microplastics and bacteria levels higher than tap water (and when it's thrown out, clogs up landfills and waterways).

I didn't see the solution, so I made it.

For the next 2+ years, I worked with engineers and independent labs to fulfill the list of criteria I wanted bluedot to meet. And we nailed it! bluedot is now the only American-made, fully sustainable water filtration that hooks up to any faucet without tools in less than 60 seconds, making it perfect for homeowners and renters alike. It requires a filter change only once or twice per year, and you can send your old filter back to us (we pay shipping) to have it responsibly broken down and recycled. 

And despite being cute, bluedot contains the highest-grade 100% activated carbon filtration derived from coconut shell and avocado pit instead of coal. Our carbon is triple-lab-tested for purity before it ever goes into the bluedot, and is so high-grade that no one but us and one other company (who makes huge commercial tank filters) wants to pay the premium for it. bluedot is capable of removing all kinds of "acceptable" contaminants from our tap water, including soluble and insoluble lead, chlorine, chloramine, various pharmaceuticals, pesticides, herbicides, microplastics, Giardia, and more. 

On top of making everyone's water cleaner and tastier than bottled, bluedot also gives back and cuts down on single-use plastic. Every bluedot x bkr kit replaces the equivalent of 70,000 single-use plastic bottles, and every bluedot purchased goes toward donating bluedots to families in underserved communities experiencing water crises (Flint and Newark will be the first we help).

Clean water should be accessible to everyone and cutting down on single-use plastic consumption is a great move for our health and the health of our planet. We're all in this together – let's do this!

-Steph x

Tidbit: We named bluedot after Carl Sagan's book Pale Blue Dot, written in 1994.


Tech & Warranty


Our warranty info has to be in goes:

One Blue Dot LLC dba bluedot warrants the bluedot and bluedot hardware (not including the replaceable filter element) against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use for one (1) year from the date of original purchase by the customer/end-user (in the instance of bluedot pre-orders, it will be from the date of shipment to the customer/end-user). This limited warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear, breakage from dropping or contact with other objects, damage from accidents, misuse (including failure to follow product documentation), neglect, disassembly, alterations, and external causes such as thermal or environmental conditions.

This limited warranty does not apply to the bkr bottle (please view bkr's warranty information on their website).

Now that's all over with, make sure you follow bluedot's instructions (we promise they're really easy) and contact us if you need any help at all before or during the install. We promise we're real people and we're super helpful! If you run into a problem down the road or if you snap a part of your bluedot off somehow, shoot us an email.


Technical Info

Water Pressure: bluedot is meant to handle pressure up to 75 psi. bluedot can also handle a pressure spike of up to 125 psi. Typical water pressure in any home in the US is between 40 and 60 psi. bluedot's minimum water pressure is 35 psi and maximum pressure is 75 psi (well above typical water pressure in the majority of homes). If your water pressure happens to be super high, contact us and we'll be happy to help.

Water Flow Rate: bluedot is meant to handle flow rates up to 2.2 gallons per minute. For reference, bathroom faucets have a typical flow rate anywhere between 0.5 and 1.5 gallons per minute (gpm). US federal regulations cap kitchen faucets at 2.2 gallons per minute. If your kitchen faucet is older, it may flow higher than 2.2 gpm, so in that case you might see a slight reduction in flow with your bluedot, down to regulation 2.2 gpm.

No Tools!

bluedot hooks up to any faucet in 60 seconds - no plumbing, no tools, no damage. (Perfect if you rent, too!)

Game Changer

You'll never have to buy another plastic water bottle again. Never fill up another pitcher. You'll save a ton of money and a ton of plastic waste!

Clean & Tasty

Bottled water is contaminated with microplastics and bacteria, and has been sitting in leaching bottles for weeks or months. Make the switch! bluedot gives you super clean, super fresh, super tasty water 24/7.

Popular Questions

Don't see your question? Email or DM us!

  • Will bluedot work in my dorm/apartment/condo/etc.?

    Yep! As long as you have a faucet that bluedot can hook up to and it'll fit under your sink (bluedot is 16.25 inches/42 cm tall), you're good to go.

    bluedot doesn't cause any damage or any permanent changes, and you can easily take it off and pack it with you when you move.

  • Will bluedot work with my faucet?

    The short answer is yes.

    bluedot is compatible with any faucet and uses a 3/8" fitting, the most common size for faucet lines.

    In rare cases, a simple adapter might be needed from your local hardware store and we can help you get the right one. :) (And don't worry, getting an adapter for bluedot is like getting an adapter for a computer cable - they're available everywhere, inexpensive, and easy to pop on.)

  • How do I install bluedot?

    Easy! It takes about 1 minute!

    Your bluedot arrives 100% assembled and ready to hook up to your faucet's cold water line. You won’t need any tools, just your trusty hands and 60 seconds of your time. That's it! Watch the install video here.

    (A note: if your cold water line was overtightened or hasn't been touched since 1927, then you *might* need a super basic, generic pair of pliers to loosen it up.)

    If you're super busy or a bit intimidated by your sink, ask a friend or a roommate to pop your bluedot in for you, or hire a handyman.

  • What does the bluedot filter remove?

    bluedot removes 80+ contaminants that hang out in “acceptable” levels in our tap water and bottled water.

    Your bluedot will remove:

    Chlorine, chloramine, THMs, PCBs, pesticides, herbicides, gasoline, benzene, dyes, microplastics, sediment, rust, soluble lead, insoluble lead, cysts (Giardia and cryptosporidium), pharmaceuticals, and much more.

    Learn more about bluedot here.

  • How often do I have to replace the filter?

    Depending on your water and usage, you will only replace your bluedot filter 1 or 2 times per year!

    We can send you a new filter automatically so you don't have to remember to change it out. And you can pause, reschedule, or cancel anytime within your account.

  • How much are filter replacements?

    You'll replace bluedot's filter only once or twice per year. Filter replacements are $79, making bluedot less expensive than the most common filters and bottled water. Shipping is free in the 48 Contiguous US States! 

    You can get 10% off your filter too if you want us to automatically ship you a new one. Just sign-up for auto-ship and your discount and free shipping will apply to every filter replacement.

    We pay return shipping within the USA on your used bluedot filters so we can responsibly recycle them for you. (We are working on offering our recycling program to our international bluedot owners.)

    Our prices reflect bluedot's 100% USA-made filter, high-grade triple-lab-tested carbon filtration, USA labor and fair wages, mail-back filter recycling program, and donating bluedots to communities in need.

  • Where is bluedot made?

    bluedot's filter, valve, and fittings are 100% made in the USA. Our factory is located in California and we ship from Nevada.

    bluedot's external, colorful cover was designed in Newport Beach, CA and is made from 100% recycled post-consumer plastic bottles in Shenzhen, China since they are one of the world's largest handlers of used and recycled plastics. The factory that makes bluedot's external cover is part of our design team in Newport Beach, with fair labor practices and high standards.

  • Do you give back or donate to charities?

    Absolutely. From the very beginning, we built in a plan to make a hands-on impact in communities experiencing water crises (Flint and Newark are just two examples).

    Every bluedot purchased goes toward donating bluedot filters to those in need, as well as direct donations to ocean clean-up teams. 

    We will be sharing all our donations and community efforts once we launch and grow – and we can't wait! After all, it will be because of you that we will be able to make these significant changes for our communities and environment.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Jennifer (CA)
Easy to Install & Delicious Water!

This was just as easy to install as claimed, even for someone with zero experience. My water tastes fantastic & I love the convenience of it coming right from the faucet. I’m so happy I decided to try this, it’s a wonderful product.

Craig Boydston (CA)
Game changing

So easy to install and makes a huge difference to have confidence in the water we drink.

Annette Godinez (NY)
Plastic free!!!!!

So happy with my Bluedot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Juliana Mottola (NY)
Love love love

I love this filter. It was so easy to install and fast! I love that I don't need to keep buying Brita filters. Also knowing I am washing my fruits and veggies with filtered water is even better.

Control Point (CA)
A great water filter

It was easy to install and great water