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Clean Water for Every Body

Hey! It's Stephanie, bluedot's founder. I originally made bluedot for my husband Max, who was battling cancer, for the second time, in 2017 (he won!). One of his oncologists had suggested water filtration to help him stay healthy during chemo, but we were renting an apartment and couldn't install a decent water filter without damaging the plumbing or countertop. 

Max during his cancer battle in 2017. He won!Pitchers were an option too, but they weren't physically capable of removing much due to the tiny size of the filter elements, and they required filter changes at least once a month.

So I started researching and realized that the problem with our tap water went a lot deeper than I imagined. Old city water delivery systems were/are breaking down all over the place, and even our new building in NYC had brown water coming out of the faucets. The filters on the market all needed a seemingly-complicated installation, frequent filter changes, or were ineffective filter pitchers that also needed constant refilling.

Single-use bottled water, I came to find out, is not the solution because it is more often than not contaminated with microplastics and bacteria levels higher than tap water (and when it's thrown out, clogs up landfills and waterways).

I didn't see the solution, so I made it.

For the next 2+ years, I worked with engineers and independent labs to fulfill the list of criteria I wanted bluedot to meet. And we nailed it! bluedot is now the only American-made, fully sustainable water filtration that hooks up to any faucet without tools in less than 60 seconds, making it perfect for homeowners and renters alike. It requires a filter change only once or twice per year, and you can send your old filter back to us (we pay shipping) to have it responsibly broken down and recycled. 

And despite being cute, bluedot contains the highest-grade 100% activated carbon filtration derived from coconut shell and avocado pit instead of coal. Our carbon is triple-lab-tested for purity before it ever goes into the bluedot, and is so high-grade that no one but us and one other company (who makes huge commercial tank filters) wants to pay the premium for it. bluedot is capable of removing all kinds of "acceptable" contaminants from our tap water, including soluble and insoluble lead, chlorine, chloramine, various pharmaceuticals, pesticides, herbicides, microplastics, Giardia, and more. 

On top of making everyone's water cleaner and tastier than bottled, bluedot also gives back and cuts down on single-use plastic. Every bluedot x bkr kit replaces the equivalent of 70,000 single-use plastic bottles, and every bluedot purchased goes toward donating bluedots to families in underserved communities experiencing water crises (Flint and Newark will be the first we help).

Clean water should be accessible to everyone and cutting down on single-use plastic consumption is a great move for our health and the health of our planet. We're all in this together – let's do this!

-Steph x

Tidbit: We named bluedot after Carl Sagan's book Pale Blue Dot, written in 1994.